Insect Light Traps for Commercial Pest Control by Insect-O-Cutor®

Facilities concerned with an environmentally sound means of insect control can rely on Insect-O-Cutor® to protect both product and personnel from flying insect contamination. The Insect-O-Cutor® product line includes a myriad of insect control tools... insect light traps (electronic fly killers) ... glueboard flytraps ... functional accent lighting ... black light lamps (including safety-coated) ... to assist in pest elimination.

Multi-Purpose Portable
Insect Light Trap

Low Headroom Portable Insect  Light Trap Model 2499E

Model 2499E

Built for a variety of uses (portable or wall mount or ceiling-hung), the Model 2499E may be used as needed during seasonal pest pressures or as an integral component of any IPM (Integrated Pest Management) program. Available in stainless or aluminized steel 110/120V, 60 Hz. and 220/240 50 Hz. configurations.

Guardian Glueboard Flytrap

Series 1199E

Scatter-Free Wall Sconce
Model GBWS252

Stylish and effective, the glueboard Wall Sconce Model GBWS252 is a powerful electronic fly killer. With the decorative facade available in a variety of materials, this scatterproof trap is ideal for dining areas, lobbies, lounges, anywhere discreet control is needed.

Guardian Glueboard Flytraps

Series 1199E

Scatter-Free Wall Mount Model GB18

Economical and effective scatter-free fly control.

Ideal for open product and prep areas, this wall mount electronic fly killer (EFK) may be wall mounted or simply set alone. Filth flies are caught and concealed on glueboards hidden from direct view.

Glueboard flytrap available in different sizes (Models GB18 and GB36) using energy-efficient T-8 lamps.

Energy-Efficient Insect
Light Traps

Series 1199E

Wall Mount Model 7194E
and Multi-Mount Model 894E

These energy-efficient warehouse workhorses are typically used at loading docks, in trash staging, at high-traffic personnel doors, and at firewall breaks. Built specifically for industrial applications and to address energy conservation concerns (LEEDS/ EPACT/Green Lights).

Scatterproof Insect Light Trap

Series 1199E

Model 1894E

USDA-tested and FDA-accepted as the original scatterproof insect flytrap. The portable or wall mounted Model 1894E is a traditional insect light trap that provides a low lifetime-cost alternative to scatter-free glueboard traps (which require repeated board replacements). Available in stainless steel or aluminized steel.

Genuine Insect-O-Cutor
Black Light Lamps

Black Light Lamps

Audit/Date Labeled Lamps

Insect-O-Cutor attraction lamps are year-date labeled for users' quality control convenience and inspection compliance.