What's New at Insect-O-Cutor

Discontinued Products

► Glueboard Flytrap Model IND35

discontinued IND35

The Insect-O-Cutor Scatter-Free Glueboard Flytrap Model IND35 is no longer available.

► Ultraviolet BLB Lamp Types #24B & #48B

Image of Discontinued model 24B

Ultraviolet black light blue (BLB) insect attraction lamps #24B and #48B have been discontinued. Raw materials are difficult to obtain and global demand is very small.

Please note that the safety-coated version of the lamp, types #24SB and #48SB, are also discontinued. Accepted alternate types are the lamps #24/#24S and #48/#48S.

Updated Technical Data Sheets

Insect-O-Cutor has updated its technical data sheets! Some of the updates include changes in replacement part designations, model numbers, and/or other specifications.

All of the updated materials are available from the Insect-O-Cutor Library in black-and-white (printable) Portable Document Format.