Scatterproof Insect Light Traps may be installed in food handling areas where other style models are prohibited or restricted due to relative safe distance limitations to open foods and their respective preparation areas. Escape-proof design virtually prevents insect scatter and fallout... particles are contained.

This series may be wall mounted … set on shelves, countertops, worktables … or moved from area to area as portable protection.

USDA And FDA Tested And Accepted As "Scatter-free" Insect Light Traps

Insect-O-Cutor Series 1894E

Series 1894E Insect Light Trap

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Series 1894E
 Energy Efficient Model Numbers
Metal FinishUnited States
Aluminized Steel1894EDGA
Stainless Steel1894EDGS
Metal FinishCanada
Aluminized Steel1894ECBDGA
Black Light Lamps18 BL Unfiltered and 18B BLB Filtered
Gross Weight of
Specific Models
Aluminized Steel = 23 lb / 10.4 kg
Stainless Steel = 24 lb / 10.9 kg
Unit Dimensions23.5" Wide X 12.5" High X 5.25" Deep
(596.9 mm Wide X 317.5 mm High X 133.4 mm Deep)

Insect-O-Cutor Series 2599E

Series 2594E/2599E Insect Light Trap

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Series 2594E/2599E
 Energy Efficient Model Numbers
Metal FinishUnited States
Beige Textured2599EDG
Aluminized Steel2599EDGA
Stainless Steel2599EDGS
Metal FinishCanada
Aluminized Steel2594ECBDGA
Black Light Lamps2- 24 BL Unfiltered
Gross Weight of
Specific Models
Beige Textured = 28 lb / 12.7 kg
Aluminized Steel = 28 lb / 12.7 kg
Stainless Steel = 29 lb / 13.2 kg
Unit Dimensions28.9" Wide X 12.5" High X 5.25" Deep
(734.1 mm Wide X 317.5 mm High X 133.4 mm Deep)

Design features of the Scatterproof Insect Light Trap include: Top-hinged safety guard swings open; has soft gasket seal and Dual-Lock™ fasteners for closure. Safety switch interrupts electrical current when servicing unit. Internal metal insect collection drawer has an extra high front baffle to prevent insect escape and/or particle fallout. Spring-loaded and fixed lampholders for simple lamp installation; three-wire grounded cord and plug. Carrying handle for convenient ILT portability; non-scratch feet protect surfaces.

Insect-O-Cutor® Insect Light Traps

For use in areas where low life time cost insect light traps are preferred. Our wide range of models provides a variety of choice for almost any area within your facility … from warehouse load docks … to production areas … to labs … to even office areas. Insect-O-Cutors® insect light traps and glueboard flytraps incorporate state-of-the-art, energy-efficient components and black light insect attraction lamps that meet our stringent criteria.

Energy-efficient models are designed to comply with various energy conservation programs (LEED, Green-lights, EPACT). Electronic-ballasted units reduce overall electrical consumption while actually increasing light output by 8% to 15% per lamp due to increased operational efficiency. Less energy consumed … more insect attraction light emitted.

High performance ILT models, now discontinued, utilized ultra-high current circuitry to increase insect attracting black light emission. An Insect-O-Cutor® innovation, ultra-high current circuitry over-drove insect attraction lamps without shortening lamp life.