Three-Phase System Design (for industrial application)

FIRST PHASE (perimeter defense) units should be located in positions where they will intercept flying insects immediately after entry. If the receiving dock is covered, an IOC® unit should be located on the dock to reduce the number of flying insects gaining entry through the receiving dock doors.

For best results, every exterior door should be protected by locating an interception unit inside the building within 20 feet (approximately ±6 meters) of the door, oriented so that flying insects must pass within 15 to 20 feet (4 to 6 meters) of the unit.

Facility Diagram Showing Insect-O-Cutor Units Positioned In Three Phases

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Document of Insect-O-Cutor Flying Insect Elimination System.

SECOND PHASE (back-up/supportive IOC® units) should be located along the probable insect flight path — between Phase I and sensitive areas, processing / manufacturing areas, packing areas, or any area where flying insects might contact or contaminate product or cause personnel annoyance.

THIRD PHASE IOC® units provide final interception immediately outside sensitive areas.
Units located within processing / manufacturing areas, production areas and food preparation areas, and in cafeterias are also considered as Third Phase.

Because of factors such as insect age and sex, room temperature, humidity levels, and competing attractions, about a third of the flying insects will ignore a black light source for a short period of time.

Note: For best results, vertical wall mount Insect-O-Cutor® units should be located at elevations of no lower than one foot [0.3 meters] above the floor and no higher than four feet [1.2 meters] above the floor (the distance from the floor to the bottom of the unit).

Elevators and Stairwells

Elevators and stairwells form natural chimneys through which flying insects can reach upper story areas. An IOC® wall mount unit should be positioned in each stairwell between the main and second floors, as well as between the main floor and sub-floor. An interception unit should also be placed in the vicinity of elevator openings on the sub-floor and the main floor.